Customer Insight and Analysis

For higher conversions, more profitable sales, longer-lasting customer relationships and more engaging marketing campaigns

We provide customer insight and segmentation services that enable our clients to better understand their customers and create more meaningful relationships that yield measurable uplifts in profitability. 

Money Mapping - Customer Insight and Modelling Services

Money Mapping - Customer Insight & Modelling Services

Maximise how you spend your marketing budget by acquiring new customers that spend more and will stay long. Our ‘Money Mapping’ data segmentation tool is proven to transform your profitability.

Money Mapping uses a look-alike algorithm to create and match eight customer segments from your database with our UK Business and Consumer Universe. This highlights inefficiencies, profitable gains and helps to put in place hyper-targeted marketing programmes.

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Blue Insight - Self-Serve Insights and Data Visualisation Software

Blue Insight is a self-serve customer insight software tool for marketers that puts the entire UK Business and Consumer Universe into our data visualisation and analytics platform.

It provides answers to critical questions that help you plan for now and the future, improve forecasting, purchase more targeted data lists, analyse market share and even integrate with your existing marketing stack to push perfectly targeted prospects through your marketing and CRM systems...

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Bespoke Analysis and Data Support

Bespoke Analysis and Data Support

Blue Sheep provide businesses, agencies and government departments with analysis, research and profiling services using the immense insights from our UK Business and Consumer Universe.

We provide services like competitor analysis, territory planning, propensity analysis, market penetration and a host of data-driven analyses that are bespoke to the client.

For agencies we can typically partner to offer business and consumer data services that ensure campaigns, client projects and technology implementations succeed. 

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“Money Map helped us to understand the SME market as a whole and which sectors to
target – this has enabled us to focus our marketing on segments with the greatest need for our services.”

Paul Coward, Senior Marketing Insight Manager, RAC Business