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Bespoke market analysis, data provision services for commercial use, media requests and more

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There is much more to data than one-off contact lists for marketing campaigns. Using the power of the Blue Sheep UK Business and Consumer Universe, we can help with many, far more creative and bespoke analysis and data support requests.

With extensive knowledge relating to UK demographic, geographic, housing, lifestyle and business data at our fingertips, we can assist with a variety of requests ranging from competitor analysis and intelligence projects, to information for media outlets, agency services for mailing houses and much more.

Our experienced team will help you establish the questions you want to ask, analyse the data, and provide you with the targeted insights to meet your specific requirements.

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Previous Projects

A few examples of how we've helped others in the past:

Data support for creative services

Blue Sheep collaborates with specialist print house Print Strategy Europe, to handle the enhancement of its clients’ customer data when creating mailshots or sending catalogues.

With assistance from Blue Sheep, Print Strategy Europe can offer a 'one stop shop' for it clients; to create design and send a print campaign, as well as ensure that the material reaches the right person receives it, at the right place. This means lower return rates, improved delivery rates and significant cost savings.

“When it comes to mailings if you haven’t got your data right, there’s really no point of doing it at all. With perfect data, that’s where our expertise can really make a huge difference,”
Paul Newton,
Director of Print at Print Strategy Europe

Statistical analysis for media outlets

Looking for analysis of the UK workforce for its 'Women in Leadership' section, The Guardian wanted to know how many women were in the position of Director as companies across the country. The newspaper turned to us to extract, compile and analyse the relevant data for its article. 

Competitor analysis and growth strategies

With an aim to open a number of new bricks and mortar stores across the country, the UK's largest retailer of trade tools and hardware products turned to Blue Sheep for guidance. Using data from the Blue Sheep Business and Consumer Universe, we supplied anaysis relating to the geopgraphical location of competitors to support their strategic growth plans.