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DCA member exclusive. Revolutionise your marketing with business-changing customer insight. Pinpoint new customers who spend big, stay long and maximise your profitability

Our Money Mapping service enriches and scores your customers by matching them to unique insights from our UK Business and Consumer Universe.

We supercharge your data to build complex customer segments that will redefine your marketing strategy and optimise the effectiveness of your campaigns.

  • Supercharged Data - cleansed, enhanced and enriched customer data for trustworthy insight and better marketing
  • Customer Insight - eight detailed customer profiles analysed for ease of acquisition, revenue potential and likely growth
  • High Quality Leads - a rich, targeted prospect pool identified for new business and acquisition opportunities
  • Reduced Business Risk - customer revenue at risk due to bad data identified for essential action
  • Increased Efficiency - using better data and new insights for better targeting of campaigns, more revenue from fewer (but highly more profitable) customers

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What Is Money Mapping?

Money Mapping is a data-driven segmentation service that works on Pareto's principle (aka the 80/20 rule), ensuring that customers are treated appropriately and discriminately based on their profitability to your organisation.

By enhancing and enriching a customer database with our UK Business and Consumer Universe, we help to identify any revenue that is at risk from bad and inconsistent data. We then use unique Money Mapping algorithms to create powerful customer segments.

These segments form the backbone of insights for future business decisions, reliable forecasts, marketing technology investments, CRM strategies, marketing campaigns and customer service improvements.

By modelling customers for their growth and lifetime value, their likely spend, ease-of-acquisition, cost-of-acquisition and other profitable variables, we then match profiles back to the UK Business and Consumer Universe. From this we build your bespoke pool of future customers that you know will spend big and stay loyal. This is your 'Treasure' segment.

Of course, Money Mapping also pinpoints customers that are draining resources, budgets and spend comparatively less. These are potentially damaging the profitability and effectiveness of your organisation. Again, by matching these 'Avoid' segments back to the UK Business and Consumer Universe, Money Mapping helps marketers and the business to focus time, energy, cost and resource on highly effective money-making opportunities.

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Customer Segmentation proven to boost profits by 30%

Simply by applying Money Mapping insights and scores to their data, our clients at Blue Sheep have demonstrated an increase in profitability by as much as 30%.

By recognising 'Treasure' customers and then refocusing a larger proportion of marketing expenditure, marketers will see profound uplifts in the profitability of their customers and higher ROI of marketing campaigns and initiatives. 

Insights to drive better marketing decisions that ripple across the business

In the last 12 months Money Mapping has helped to save £billions in revenue for clients by identifying inconsistencies, duplicates, errors and gaps in customer data.

By using economic forecast models and geographical overlays spliced with market penetration and revenue scores, along with bespoke investigations of the data for each client, we help to provide a situational analysis that becomes the foundation for future marketing and business decisions.

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Discover who to 'Treasure' and 'Avoid'

Through Money Mapping and the awesome power of our UK Business and Consumer Universe, you'll benefit from a prospect pool of high spending, long lasting future customers that can completely transform your business.

In fact, in the last 12 months we've identified £17.8 billion in potential new revenue for our Money Mapping clients by matching high value 'Treasure' customers back to our aggregated source of 25 data suppliers.

Supercharged data for trustworthy analysis, decisions, technology investments...and more

Businesses that neglect their data become the harbingers of their own failure by making poorly informed decisions, wastefully spending money on marketing and locked in a state of ineffectiveness.

The Blue Sheep Money Mapping service not only cleanses and enhances your data for insights, but ensures your online and offline marketing campaigns and CRM strategies are optimised to succeed and generate the best results.


"The analysis has helped Hotel Chocolat significantly in its strategic aims of identifying and operating in market sectors which deliver good profitable business in sizable market areas. It enabled us to move away from expensive cold catalogue mailings and look at how we can use integrated marketing to reduce our costs and improve our sales performance. A great result." 

Director of Consumer Marketing, Hotel Chocolat