The UK Business Universe

Broader, deeper B2B data coverage. Define and segment your targets with greater business intelligence.

What is the UK Business Universe?

The Blue Sheep UK Business Universe (UKBU) is the largest and most complete marketing data resource of its type in the UK. This consolidated file for our B2B customers provides valuable intelligence for sales and marketing activity, enriching your existing database for deeper analysis and accurate engagement.

The UKBU complements your existing customer database with detailed information from over 12 million workplace locations and 8 million business contacts, brought together from eight of the UK’s best suppliers. The UKBU enables B2B marketers to learn additional information relating to site data, financial data, SIC bands, employee details, growth scores and more.

Money Mapping

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We’ll analyse your customers and tell you things about them you didn’t know. Who spends big and stays long? Who’s wasting your marketing budget? Where is best to acquire more prospects?

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Enhance your marketing with millions of UK workplace records


More effective and efficient marketing

Giving broader, deeper coverage than any equivalent B2B database, the UKBU provides the ability to define and segment your business targets with greater focus and precision, as well as identify new market opportunities or alternative strategies that you may not have previously considered.

Aggregated data for better insight

Take a sample of four million records from five of our UKBU data suppliers and only around 43,000 records are present within all five. This demonstrates the breadth of information within the UKBU and its ability to enhance your business intelligence.

Data you can trust

Statistics show that 37% of your B2B data is likely to be out of date within 12 months, with 43% of customer complaints stemming from the use of inaccurate data. The UKBU is rebuilt every month with fresh, up-to-date supplier databases, each time containing around 450,000 amendments. This enables you to cleanse and enhance your existing database, maximise the efficiency of your strategies, minimise wasted spend on direct mail costs and ensure the right message always goes to the correct person.

Additional B2B data services

Additional data will help you learn more about your clients and potential customers – but only if you can make sense of it. Along with Data Quality Audits to highlight any changes we can make to your files fit for purpose, Blue Sheep can also offer a range of analytic tools to give you total understanding of your customer base.

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7 Critical Considerations

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