The UK Consumer Universe

Transform the reliability and value of your customer records, with access to the largest pool of individual and household data in the UK.

Your marketing department is collecting vast volumes of information about your customers. Even so, it is unlikely to provide you with a complete picture of the whole UK market.

With the Blue Sheep UK Consumer Universe (UKCU), you can enhance your existing database with additional, information rich records to support targeted marketing communications, as well as access detailed insights about individuals and identify valuable prospective customers.

Containing over 51 million fully permissioned, up-to-date records, the UKCU aggregates datasets from over 40 different contributors to create the UK’s largest multi-sourced, fully integrated database.

Money Mapping

How well do you know your customers?

Try out Blue Sheep’s Money Mapping tool. 

We’ll analyse your customers and tell you things about them you didn’t know. Who spends big and stays long? Who’s wasting your marketing budget? Where is best to acquire more prospects?

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How can the UKCU improve customer insight?

The UKCU contains a wealth of useful information about consumers, enabling marketers to accurately analyse and segment the right people for their campaigns. In addition to demographic, lifestyle and financial data, the UKCU offers insight about property characteristics, hobbies, media interests, motoring and socio-economic, geo-demographic classifications.

Improved intelligence

A clear and comprehensive view of the market is the best starting point for any marketing activity. By aggregating your customer information with the UK Consumer Universe, the additional intelligence will help your organisation benefit from improved customer retention and acquisition statistics, identify new sales opportunities and increase customer lifetime value.

Better engagement

With more detailed and trustworthy knowledge of your customers, this provides a solid foundation for marketing and direct mail communications, with less wastage on incorrectly sent messages and additional insight to drive personalisation tactics with more relevant content.  

Data accuracy

Data decay is problem faced by all marketers so your database can only offer relevant insight if it is accurate and up-to-date. The UKCU database only uses fully permissioned records, validated by recent transactions with 750,000 records refreshed every month.

Marketing consent

Ensuring customer permissions and conforming to data protection regulations is more important than ever. All 53m records within the UKCU have been collected with consent, regardless of channel, with individual’s having positively responded to opt-in permissions for third party direct promotions. All records have been screened against preference services and appropriate suppression files.

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