Single Customer View

A structured, clean and accurate database as the foundation of your marketing intelligence

The Blue Sheep Single Customer View (SCV) is a process that consolidates all your offline and online data sources into one integrated marketing database that holds one 'Golden Record' for each customer.

By continuously matching, merging, deduplicating, cleansing and enhancing your marketing data it ensures better marketing, better personalisation and a trustworthy foundation for analytics and insight.

Single Customer View is a term used to describe the aggregating of multiple data sets into one unified database to provide marketers with a holistic view of each customer they transact with.

Having built and rebuilt Single Customer Views for hundreds of B2C and B2B organisations, the Blue Sheep services team can deploy a Single Customer View alongside analytics and campaign management technology from our partners at BlueVenn or Alterian.

By combining a Single Customer View with these marketing automation tools we can create a closed-loop marketing solution for you to make the most of all the transactional data, communication history, social data or behavioural data you hold.

Better still with a Blue Sheep Single Customer View we handover the intellectual property to you turning your perfectly matched and enhanced customer data, including the complex routines and algorithms that process the data, into a tangible business asset. This adds value to your investment and something you don't get with other marketing database providers!

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Benefits of a Blue Sheep Single Customer View

Trustworthy Data


Trustworthy data

Seamingly simple questions such as "How many customers do you have?" can often be inaccurate without clean, accurate data. An SCV enables you to make decisions based on 'Good Facts' from trustworthy data and trust the results or ROI of campaigns.

Marketing efficiency


Marketing efficiency

Research has shown that some marketers spend as much as 80% of their time accessing or preparing data for campaigns and analysis. An SCV eradicates this wasted time allowing the marketing team full data access and become highly more efficient.

Improved segmentation


Better data governance

Whereas a Data Warehouse will be led by IT to store terrabytes of unstructured business data, the SCV will create a structured database just for marketer's needs including full auditing, tracability and governance in accordance with GDPR.

Better personalisation


Better personalisation

Each Golden Record created by the SCV allows for targeted personalisation and one-to-one multi-channel customer experiences. For creating tailored offers, personalised content, recommendations and consistent messaging the SCV is a must for marketing.

Closed-loop Marketing with a Blue Sheep Single Customer View

At Blue Sheep we'll often combine your Single Customer View with reporting, analytics and marketing automation tools to create a cycle of quality, clean and meaningful data running through the entire marketing ecosystem. The Single Customer View acts as the heart of this cycle, collecting data from all customer touchpoints and turning it into structured, clean data to pump into your campaigns and analysis tools. We call this "Closed-Loop Marketing". Others call it "the holy grail of marketing"!


Top Tip: Owning the Intellectual Property of your Single Customer View

When deciding on a data agency to build your Single Customer View, an important factor to consider is whether you will ever actually own the database. Of course your data is yours, but the processing and matching of your data to create each Golden Record is often retained by the vendor. If you choose to leave then your database leaves with you!

At Blue Sheep we build a Single Customer View and hand over a royalty free, perpetual licence. This means the intellectual property around data processes, load routines and the data model is handed over to you ensuring that you fully own every part of your new marketing database.

Here is how the ownership model is different with Blue Sheep:

scv_ip-3.png   scv_ip2-1.png

Data is key to our business and Blue Sheep has all the credentials to help us use our data to drive real business advantage. The implementation of a Single Customer View across our brands in Europe is expected to improve our marketing effectiveness, and enable cross-marketing opportunities for our brands, strengthening our leadership position in the vacation rentals sector.


Andy Wyatt, VP, Wyndham Exchange & Rentals

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