Blue Sheep Database Solutions

Cleanse, enhance and optimise your data using the awesome power of our UK Business and Consumer Universe combined with our 25-year pedigree creating Single Customer View marketing database solutions

Improved marketing performance starts with clean and enhanced data, which is why we provide free Data Quality Audits to assess your database. We know the importance of compliance, too, and offer services to help you prepare for the 2018 General Data Protection Regulation. 

Complimentary Data Quality Audits for Every UK Business

Data Cleansing

Poor quality data undermines all your marketing efforts. Not to mention increase your risks of contravening personal data laws. 

To assess the accuracy and completeness of your database, Blue Sheep offers a free Data Quality Audit, to help put you on a path towards maximised market penetration, new opportunities and more successful campaigns. Simply send us your data and we'll do the rest.

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Database Cleansing and Enhancement Services

Your B2B and B2C customer data rarely stays accurate for long – natural data decay and duplicates created by organisational data silos make dirty data a problem all businesses face. 

Blue Sheep's data cleansing and enhancement services mean a trustworthy base for your marketing strategies and enriched records packed with valuable demographic, lifestyle and financial data for more rewarding and relevant customer engagements.

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Single Customer View Marketing Database 

Data Marketing

How many customers do you have? Do you really know them? The answers demand a single, accurate record for each customer, to target them with the right message at the right time.

A Blue Sheep Single Customer View aggregates all your disparate data, creeating a unified, structured and accurate database you can place at the heart of your marketing intelligence.

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GDPR Assessments and Advice

The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018 will see big changes to how customer data is used for marketing through increased protection of personal data rights.

Blue Sheep offers GDPR Impact Assessments and has a team of compliance experts to educate and work with your business to meet its requirements around consent, data security and compliance.

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The UK Business and Consumer Universe

Blue Sheep Data Universe

The Blue Sheep UK Business and Consumer Universe is the largest and most complete marketing data resource of its type in the UK. This means we can boast unrivalled data quality for both B2B and B2C marketing.

Using data from the UK Business and Consumer Universe, we can provide many data cleansing, enhancement and data segmentation services on your own database, to give you valuable customer insights to fully maximise the depth of your campaigns.

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