Data Cleansing and Enhancement

Cleanse and improve your marketing data for instant uplifts in campaign results and a better understanding of your customers

Blue Sheep provides a comprehensive service to de-duplicate, correct and enrich your customer data to ensure your marketing campaigns deliver the best possible results.

Whether it's thousands or millions of records, by matching against our powerful UK Business and Consumer Universe, you can benefit from the deepest data resources around to provide the best possible enhancements.

  • Suitable for both business data and consumer data
  • Unrivalled depth of UK data using 25 data sources
  • Cleanse, enhance and de-duplicate customer and prospect data 
  • Flag TPS, MPS and other opt-out registered records
  • Flag & correct postal addresses against Royal Mail NCOA® service
  • Validate and correct email addresses
  • Identify non-functioning landline and mobile numbers

Interested? Get in touch and we'll work with you to get your data to us from your source systems securely. We'll then provide a free-of-charge report within 48 hours showing where cleanses and enhancements can be made before you need to make any decision.

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How well do you know your customers?

Try out Blue Sheep’s Money Mapping tool. 

We’ll analyse your customers and tell you things about them you didn’t know. Who spends big and stays long? Who’s wasting your marketing budget? Where is best to acquire more prospects?

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Improved Data Quality in 48 Hours

Send us your data


Send Us Your Data Securely

We'll start with an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) so we can discuss your business, data and objectives. Then we provide guidance on data formats, a unique, secured FTP transfer for your data and undergo ISO27001 certification to ensure highest standards of data protection.



We'll match against the Data Universe

 Your data will be matched against 25 data sources to check for inaccuracies, suppressions, address changes, movers and redirects. Then we'll apply sophisticated matching algorithms to flag and merge duplicate records and your free report will be ready within 48 hours.



We'll Cleanse and Enhance Your Data

Pick the recommended enhancements and improvements which are right for you and your needs. Then we'll go to work processing every record in detail, standardising and fixing bad data, adding insight from 3rd party sources and creating a trustworth data asset. 



Better Data. Better Marketing – For You!

If it's a one-off data quality improvement you want then you'll be finely tuned for instantly better marketing results.

Or, as part of a Blue Sheep Data Maturity Plan we'll discuss a partnership to ensure data quality is maintained at regular intervals.

What is Blue Sheep Data Cleansing and Enhancement?

Unlike data list providers, Blue Sheep aggregates data from multiple suppliers. By comparing and merging lists from different vendors, we build a comprehensive database packed with information about what makes your customers tick.

As part of the data hygiene process, we cleanse your data to include the latest address verifications and suppressions, screen against communication preferences and remove duplicate records. At the same time, we append it with enhancement options, such as:

  • Demographic data – household income, age, marital status
  • Lifestyle data – hobbies, shopping habits, vehicle ownership
  • Housing data – House value, length of residency, housing tenure
  • Contact details – telephone numbers, emails addresses, social IDs
  • Geographic data - location analysis, distance calculations, spatial analysis, natural boundary analysis
  • Geodemographic data – household and postcode classifications
  • Business data – Business location, Standard Industrial Classification Code (SIC), market sector codes, number of employees

Blue Sheep data enhancement is one of the easiest ways to improve the integrity of your data. Contact us today for a free Data Quality Audit   to assess for accuracy and see how we can enrich your files.