Data Quality Audits

Don't let your marketing campaigns suffer due to inaccurate and incomplete customer data. Let us show you where gains can be made with a free Data Quality Audit

Thousands of marketers use the Blue Sheep Data Quality Audit to assess and improve the health of their marketing data. 

Make an enquiry and we'll arrange a unique and secure FTP transfer of your data to us. Then we’ll utilise the awesome power and unrivalled depth of our UK Business and Consumer Universe to report back inside 48 hours with any inaccuracies, duplicates and data gaps, as well as other recommended improvements, including a Verification Service, to reveal the health of your email, landline and mobile records.

  • Compares against 25 data sources for unrivalled depth
  • Suitable for both business data and consumer data
  • Highlights inaccurate and out-of-date records to cleanse
  • Identifies data enhancements to improve intelligence
  • Detects TPS, MPS and other opt-out registered records
  • Tracks against postal redirection services for up-to-date accuracy
  • Creates segments and propensity models for improved marketing

This free service can be used as a one-time assessment of your marketing data quality, or as the first step on a partnership with Blue Sheep towards becoming an insights driven marketing team.

To request your free Data Quality Audit, fill in the form and we'll take it from there. 

FREE Data Quality Audit

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Data Quality Audit 48-hour Process

Send Us Your Data Securely


Send Us Your Data Securely

We'll start with an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) so we can discuss your business, data and objectives. Then we provide guidance on data formats, a unique, secured FTP transfer for your data and undergo ISO27001 certification to ensure highest standards of data protection.

Get Your Free Data Quality Audit


Get Your Free Data Quality Audit

Within 48 hours we'll normally have your detailed report ready . This report highlights duplicates, inaccuracies, gaps in data, incorrect contact information and a full list of recommended marketing improvements and enhancements you can undertake. 

We'll Cleanse and Enhance Your Data


We'll Cleanse and Enhance Your Data

Pick the enhancements and improvements that we recommend which are right for you and your needs and then we'll go to work processing every record in detail, standardising and fixing bad data, adding insight from 3rd party sources and creating a trustworthy data asset. 

Better Data. Better Marketing - For You!


Better Data. Better Marketing – For You!

If it's a one-off data quality improvement you want then you'll be finely tuned for instantly better marketing results.

Or, as part of a Blue Sheep Data Maturity Plan you've achieved the first step towards an insights-driven business.

Want to know more? Read the Blue Sheep Data Quality Audit FAQ.