UK Business and Consumer Universe™

A single source of truth encompassing billions of pieces of accurate data about consumers, businesses and contacts from 25 of the UK's leading marketing data suppliers

The Blue Sheep UK Business and Consumer Universe brings together all the data, from all the leading UK data suppliers, into one place.

We match, merge and deduplicate 25 data suppliers into one single source of truth about the UK business and consumer market. This creates the largest database of its type, containing millions of unique workplace records, millions of business contacts and tens of millions of marketable consumers.

The UK Business and Consumer Universe underpins everything we do at Blue Sheep, from our marketing data solutions and customer insight services, to the implementation of marketing analytics solutions and our 30-year pedigree in creating Single Customer View databases.


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The UK Business and Consumer Universe by Blue Sheep

What makes the UK Business and Consumer Universe so special?

UK data providers obtain and validate their data using different collection methods. Depending upon those methods, how they validate the data, the breadth of their coverage, and the data they hold can differ massively. Relying on one provider, or even several providers, will not guarantee an accurate and trustworthy view for data analysis, cleansing or insight.

To highlight this point, the Venn diagram below compares the data from five of our 25 data suppliers. Only 43,851 records out of the 4 million supplied by these five data suppliers are present in all databases!

Data Universe aggregates across multiple sources

By aggregating 25 data suppliers into one UK Business and Consumer Universe, Blue Sheep is therefore able to offer the most comprehensive matching, cleansing, enhancement and insight services for our clients.

Comprehensive UK Data Compiled for both B2B, B2C and B2B2C

The UK Business and Consumer Universe can be used as one file for analysis of both business and consumer data, or it can be split out for solely B2B or solely B2C requirements. Both have unrivalled breadth of data, both aggregate many sources and both form the basis of all our data services: 

UK Business Universe for B2B

The Blue Sheep UK Business Universe (UKBU) contains details brought together from the UK’s best data suppliers. It enables B2B marketers to learn additional information relating to site data, financial data, SIC bands, employee details, market growth and much, much more. In total, the UKBU contains up-to-date data for approximately:

  • 4.5 million workplace locations
  • 3.5 million workplace record for direct marketing
  • 8.3 million unique contacts
  • 800,000 business contact emails

The UK Business Universe is a vast data resource to underpin your ability to generate high quality UK business prospects – whatever your market.

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UK Consumer Universe for B2C

The Blue Sheep UK Consumer Universe (UKCU) is a consolidated database consisting of datasets from over 40 different contributors and compiled by some of the largest independent data companies in the world. In total, the UKCU contains approximately:

  • 45 million offline UK consumers
  • 8 million online UK consumers
  • 4 million landlines
  • 7 million SMS numbers

These records are fully permissioned, up-to-date and information rich containing data relating to demographics, lifestyle, media interests, financial status and more.

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