Email and Phone Verifications

Verify the status and compliance of your customer email, mobile and landline phone data for more efficient use of your marketing resources  

How much time and money are you wasting sending emails that bounce or calling phone numbers that do not connect? Could you be losing valuable accounts because you have no way of contacting them?

From our analysis of clients' data files, we find an average of 25% of email, landline and mobile records are innacurate, out of date or otherwise unusable.  

Blue Sheep's Verification Services can be performed as part of our Data Quality Audit. We looks at the status of your customer and prospect records to determine:

  • Email: Discover how many of your email addresses are accepted, as well as those identified as low quality or have a low deliverability rate, show an invalid domain, timeout, do not connect or show other errors.
  • Mobile: Reveal how many numbers are live and connected, compared to how many are disconntected, badly formatted or otherwise unverifiable. It also matches your mobile number records to TPS and CTPS preference services.
  • Landline: Find out how many numbers are live and connected, compared to how many are disconnected, poorly formatted, rejected by the network or unverifiable. It shows which numbers are registered to FPS, CTPS and TPS preference services.  

This free service can be used as a one-time assessment of your marketing data quality, or as the first step on a partnership with Blue Sheep towards becoming an insights driven marketing team.

To begin your free verification report, fill in the form and we can get your assessment started. 

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Improved data quality within a week

Send us your data


Send Us Your Data Securely

We'll start with an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) so we can discuss your business, data and objectives. Then we provide guidance on data formats, a unique, secured FTP transfer for your data and undergo ISO27001 certification to ensure highest standards of data protection.



We'll match against the Data Universe

 Your data will be matched against 25 data sources to check for inaccuracies, suppressions, address changes, movers and redirects. Then we'll apply sophisticated matching algorithms to assess your records. Your free report will be ready within a week.



You'll Receive Your Verification Report

We can analyse the status of your email, mobile and landline contacts, with a report that highlights how many customers in your database you can and cannot connect with, depending on accuracy of the data, suppressions and connection status.



Better Data. Better Marketing!

With the status of your contact database revealed, we'll can offer the appropriate remedial action and data quality services to ensure that you are making the most efficient use of your data, and create more effective marketing campaigns.