Money Map Webinar

Customer Insight :: Don’t let tyre kickers leave your marketing flat

Customer Insight and Money Map Webinar

Next Demo: Wednesday 21st June at 3pm BST

How many hours do your sales and marketing teams waste on “Tyre Kicker” prospects that never buy anything?!

Blue Sheep has found that organisations waste 80% of their total time chasing prospects that contribute 15-20% of the revenue and just 20% of their time on clients that provide 60-80%.  

The issue happens time and again where a business is not able to identify these ‘Tyre Kickers’ early enough in the marketing-sales cycle. 

Using customer insight and a unique process called ‘Money Mapping’, Jemma Hardyman – lead consultant for the Blue Sheep Data Services team – will discuss how all B2B organisations can utilize simple analytics and segmentation techniques to ensure you devote your marketing and sales efforts on the right prospects that are going to spend big and stay longer!

You will learn:

  • Most beneficial ways of segmenting your database
  • Case Study: the real ROI of segmentation
  • How to discover more of your best customers


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