About Us

Our heritage in the marketing database, insight and analytics industry

Established in 1986 by veteran of the marketing data world, Iain Lovatt, Blue Sheep was originally founded to help marketers use data to better target their direct marketing efforts. This was achieved by the creation of the Blue Sheep UK Business and Consumer Universe, a database that has since grown to contain millions of business and tens of millions of marketable consumer records.

Today, we continue to create marketing solutions to meet our client’s marketing challenges, having maintained our position at the forefront of the database, insight and analytics market for three decades. Over the years, Blue Sheep has evolved its data services, becoming a respected name for marketing campaign management and Single Customer View databases, too.

One thing has remained constant since 1986: a commitment to assisting marketing and CRM departments deliver more revenue from less spend, develop a deeper understanding of the needs of their customers and take ownership of their data.

Three decades in the marketing data world

Blue Sheep's Senior Management team

Blue Sheep’s senior management has notched up over a century’s worth of combined experience in data, marketing, analytics, application development and insight services. We also boast some of the most dynamic developers and consultants in the UK.

So, if you're looking for data experts who have been a mainstay in the world of UK marketing data since before the Internet was a thing, you couldn't be in safer hands. 

Much more than simply 'selling you data'

Yes, we can provide you with marketing data to use for your campaigns. But we do much more than that. Blue Sheep also offer a wide range of data quality, analytics, customer insight, campaign management and marketing automation solutions.

Got a problem and wondering if we can help? We can cater to bespoke requirements, having supplied research for media outlets, helped retailers with geographical information for outlet expansion plans, built partnerships with direct mail printing companies and more. 

Pareto was onto something...


" More from less. This has been my motto since the early days of Blue Sheep and it remains so today; using data to drive more efficient, more effective marketing that gives your VIP customers the treatment they deserve. Do more for fewer, and they will do more for you."

Iain Lovatt, Blue Sheep Founder and Chairman

A full spectrum of clients

Over the last 30 years, Blue Sheep has worked with a huge and diverse range of B2B and B2C organisations.

Blue Sheep

This includes international hotel chains and leisure brands, high profile retailers and government agencies. That's not forgetting online gaming sites, technology companies, media businesses and financial organisations.