How to Get Your Account-Based Marketing Strategy up and Running Quicker

A Customer Insight Webinar

Live at 3pm on Thursday 2nd August, 2018

According to some reports, account-based marketing (ABM) is delivering triple digit growth for some organisations. With so much hype and positivity around this targeted approach to marketing, why is it that so many companies have still not got their ABM strategy off the ground?

Well, what the ABM platforms and experts don’t tell you is that to get your ABM strategy going, you need to spend weeks, months (maybe years) analysing data, profiling your best clients, working out personas and then build a universe of prospects to feed your business development and marketing efforts.

During this session, we’ll be showing you a process to identify, prioritise, and profile the right accounts to get your ABM strategy up and running quickly and reliably so you can get started – NOW!

You will learn:

  • How to create a winning ABM strategy to meet your goals
  • How to identify, prioritize, and profile the right accounts
  • Discover which customers are costing you more to serve than the revenue they return
  • Evaluate success and improve for the future

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