The Challenges of Data Ownership

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With 2.5 quintillion bytes being created every day, marketing professionals are becoming increasingly swamped in customer data.

The type of data available is also evolving, so companies that only held a couple of databases are inundated with customer, financial and marketing information. While a decade ago sophisticated analytics tools were only used by statisticians, these are now widely available and it is important that people use the data responsibly to avoid crippling data breaches and government fines.

Our eBook highlights the seven main challenges of data ownership, and the consequences of navigating a commercially sensitive issue.

Download this eBook if you want to discover:

  • Why organisations need to consider a secure and efficient data storage solution to avoid losing valuable customer data
  • How to ensure that your business collects, handles, processes and stores data correctly in accordance with the law.
  • Why organisations should complete effective risk assessments of the data they collect and identify commercially sensitive data
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The Challenges of Data Ownership

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