UKBU Stats Book

Learn more about how the UK Business Universe® can transform the reliability of your data

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This eBook provides more details about the information within the UK Business Universe® (UKBU) and how it can transform the reliability and effectiveness of your data.

Never has it been more important to maintain the quality of your data and The UKBU provides unbeatable breadth, depth and B2B data coverage for companies that want outstanding marketing results.

This eBook is refreshed every month, to show up-to-date figures on the population of the UKBU's data fields, including:

  • Site data
  • Financial data
  • Web distribution
  • Business type distribution
  • Responsibilities

Download the UK Business Universe Stats Book you are interested in any of the following:

  • Improving the quality and coverage of your existing databases.
  • Improving the ability to define and segment your business targets with greater focus and precision.
  • The identification of new market opportunities or alternative strategies that may not previously have been considered.
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