Intelligence vs Wisdom - The Single Customer View

How a Single Customer View provides marketers with a new perspective on their data

Single Customer View Webinar

On-demand webinar

This recorded webinar discusses how the fundamental facets of personal relationships can be incorporated into a Single Customer View database providing memory, perspective, and a trustworthy foundation for analytics, segmentation and campaign management.

As well as becoming one of the highest rated webinars as part of a series of thought-leadership webinars with Marketing Week in 2014, this webinar content is brought to you by industry expert Jim Kelly.

About Jim Kelly

Jim is a consultant with Blue Sheep and BlueVenn. He regularly speaks at industry events and has consulted with many big brands to help them achieve their Single Customer View. Jim's career spans 16 years at database marketing experts including BlueVenn, Blue Sheep, SmartFocus and Alterian.

Jim has also been shortlisted for the Data IQ 2017 Data Professional of the Year.


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