Finding Your Next Profitable Prospects

A Guide to Money Mapping

Not all customers are equal.

Traditionally, the emphasis for marketers was to have access to as many customers as possible. With Blue Sheep's customer insight software, Money Mapping, you can target the customers with the most potential for profit. 

Using Customer Insight to Target Your Most Profitable Customers explains how Blue Sheep's Money Map can analyse your customer base and enable the intelligent use of your marketing resources for maximum effectiveness.

Download this eBook to find out how a Money Map can revolutionise your approach to marketing. Learn:

  • How the insight from a Money Map will reveal that up to 80% of your revenue comes from just 20% of your customers
  • How to build longer lasting relationships with your most profitable customers - and acquire new ones
  • How to discover which customers are costing more to serve than the revenue they return. Sack the 'Avoids'! 
  • How to tailor your marketing spend and campaign tactics to different customer segments
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