Print Strategy Case Study

A data partnership with Blue Sheep enables Print Strategy to offer clients a complete mailing solution

While Print Strategy’s fully managed service takes the strain out of extensive marketing requirements, Blue Sheep's data services ensure that the direct mail is delivered to the correct recipients, helping to generate sales, save money and improve ROI.Print Strategy Europe

Blue Sheep helps Print Strategy to:

  • Offer its clients a complete service that combines convenience, quality and effectiveness
  • Deliver a fully managed print solution and the promise of highly targeted mailings
  • Offer customers a Money Map service to reveal customers with the most potential for profit, as well as likely new prospects

This solution means a continuing partnership between Blue Sheep and Print Strategy, born from the synergy between our data services and Print Strategy's direct mail production expertise.

To find out how Blue Sheep ensure mailings created by Print Strategy are more accuracte, efficient and deliver a better return on investment, please fill out the form to download our case study.

Print Strategy Case Study

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