Realising the Multi-Channel Marketing Vision

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The customer has always been at the heart of all marketing activity but with business models becoming increasingly complex, gaining true customer insight has become a big challenge.

Customer behaviour is changing and consumers now interact across a number of channels and devices. One of the biggest challenges for marketing departments is the phenomenal growth in data created by the evolution of both the multi-channel business and the raid expansion of social media.

Download our eBook and discover how creating a Single Customer View can help improve the consumer experience and therefore generate additional revenue.

This eBook explains how to:

  • Consolidate your data and improve segmentation and personalisation
  • Harness your data to develop your customer insight
  • Use customer insight to tailor your marketing activities, improve results and efficiency
  • Demonstrate the contribution that your marketing department is making to your business growth
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Realising the Multi-Channel Marketing Vision

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