Powerful analytics and campaign management solutions that turn customer insight into action

Make the most of your marketing data, using the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform to analyse data, manage campaigns and build omnichannel customer journeys. Alternatively, integrate Alterian marketing solutions for creating and executing multi-wave, multichannel campaigns to targeted customer segments.

BlueVenn Marketing Platform


Use BlueVenn Customer Data Platform as a marketing hub from which you manage, test and monitor your customer data.

Turn insight into action using ‘train of thought’ analytics, create precise customer groups with powerful segmentation tools, then automate and execute omnichannel customer journeys and campaigns.

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Alterian Real Time Campaign Management

Alterian (formerly known as SDL Campaign) enables end-to-end campaign management.

Integrated with Blue Sheep’s Single Customer View, Alterian technology enables you to communicate across various touchpoints, devices and channels, mapping individual customer journeys for one-to-one interaction.

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Blue Insight Business Intelligence Tool


Blue Insight fills in the gaps with your data from the UK Business Universe to ensure your marketing is personalised, accurate and on target. The solution ensures your data is optimised for more accurate, efficient and personalised marketing campaigns, meaning better ROI and engaged customers.

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“In the past, segmentation was limited to specific data fields. Now marketers can undertake ‘train of thought’ analysis; they can build out more complex customer selections, on any data field, across this far broader data source, which is really effective.”

Rob Waller,
Head of Data, UBM