BlueVenn Marketing Platform

Customer analytics, real-time marketing and customer journey automation solution

BlueVenn is a customer data platform (CDP) for marketers to consolidate their data, undertake customer analytics and execute automated omnichannel customer journeys.

The software provides access to all your online and offline customer data serving up usable customer insight which is used to improve results and optimise the customer experience at any point during the customer journey.

BlueVenn provides marketers with a deeper understanding of their customers; for precision targeting, personalisation and optimised marketing communications. 



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Single Customer View 

With data you can trust comes the freedom to focus on truly exceptional marketing.

A Single Customer View saves you time with your daily data duties. It's the cornerstone for personalised, one-to-one messaging.

Using a Single Customer View built by Blue Sheep transforms all your data – including names and addresses, CRM data, campaign history, contact history, email, social and more – to form an accurate, compliant, up-to-date, enriched and 100% deduplicated memory of each individual customer.

'Train of Thought' Analytics 

Unearth answers to all  the questions you have about your customers with ease, speed and accuracy. 

Ask unlimited questions about large volumes of data , to create selections, define data groupings, build Key Performance Indicators and more. Turn insight into a highly targeted, omnichannel marketing campaigns in seconds.

Dive deep into customer behaviours to uncover hidden buying patterns that make your acquisition, cross-sales, up-sales and retention strategies vastly more successful.


Cross Journey Optimisation 

Execute campaigns and customer journeys seamlessly across all channels.

It's more important than ever that marketers provide a contextual, omnichannel customer experience and BlueVenn's customer journey management tools let you do just that.

As customers make decisions along their journey, BlueVenn allows you to automatically place 'tags' on them, to personalise and optimise future interactions you have with them based on their behaviour.  

Customer Segmentation and Modelling 

Create unlimited segments to drive success from your marketing initiatives.

With an intuitive 'drag & drop' interface, BlueVenn gives marketers a contextual understanding of their data, with the ability to drill down into precise clusters based on demographics, lifestyle, attitudinal, value and more. 

By blending third party data sources with your existing customer data, you can further enhance how much you can learn about your customers, and how to target them. 


Real-Time Personalisation 

Customise content for each customer, delivering consistent, contextual messages across all your digital channels. 

With BlueVenn’s real-time personalisation module, marketers can engage at appropriate touchpoints with perfectly targeted live content, recommendations, contextual messages, welcome and abandonment emails.

BlueVenn's real-time marketing can track live behavioural data for every session, including device, browser, products and pages looked at, along with cart value, page exits and bounces.

Basket Recovery and Triggered Messaging 

Maximise the effectiveness of your offers and encourage shoppers back. 

Shoppers leave their carts for numerous reasons. However, many often return to convert – if appropriately encouraged with basket and browse recovery campaigns.

With many personalisation options, these messages can also include shipping offers, cross-sell products and resolve queries to make continuing their customer journey simple and engaging.


Seamless Integration with Your Marketing Stack

Connect BlueVenn to your ESP, CRM, eCommerce platform and more.

Connectivity is an integral feature of a customer data platform. BlueVenn sits comfortably above many data warehouses and includes ready-made connectors with a large number of online channels and email service providers.

What’s more, BlueVenn readily integrates with business intelligence visualization tools, as well as links directly with Salesforce and eCommerce platforms such as Magento. 

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